Joining an existing team at Virtual Race With A View

How to join an existing team at Virtual Race With A View

Before you register, be sure that you know the name of the team you are joining, and the password, if the team organizer created one for the team.  You can participate on a team even if you are walking or running a different distance than other members.

  1. Go to racewithaview.com
  2. In the navigation bar at the top of the home page, slide the cursor to the “Register, Volunteer or Donate” tab and click
  3. Scroll down to the blue button toward the left marked “Sign Up” and click once.
  4. A window opens that says Registrant #1. Complete the basic information, and enter a password that you will remember.  This step will make it easier for you to access your info should you want to change or update it.
  5. Under Additional Information, all information with an asterisk (*) is required. Please know that we do not share this list with anyone.  The secret of your age and birth date is safe with us.  It is handy to have in case of emergency.  We would also like to have a phone number where we could reach you the morning of the race, if necessary.
  6. Under Choose Your Event, pick the one you are most likely to participate in. If you change your mind, it’s helpful to the event organizer if you come back to the website and change it.  Highlight the button to the left of the event.  Then scroll to the bottom.  You can add additional registrants if you are paying for them.  Then answer the question, “Would you like to join or create a team?”  You should answer yes.
  7. Click  “Continue”
  8. You will see the Waiver. Using the scroll bar on the right side of the grey box where the waiver text is, scroll down to the bottom.
  9. If you are 18 years old or older, look underneath the text with Waiver Agreement and your name. You will see two letters, likely your initials.  Put the cursor in the box just below and enter the two letters in the box to accept the terms of the waiver.
  10. In the next box, click in the box and enter the text above which is likely today’s date.
  11. Click “Continue”.
  12. In the next page you can choose No Team, Join an Existing Team, or Create A Team.  Choose Join an Existing Team.
  13. Just below, you will see a box with Select Team.  Click on the arrow and you should be able to scroll down and find your team.  When you do, click on it.  Enter the password if required.
  14. Click “Continue”.
  15. In the next window there are several questions for you. First, you get to select your shirt.  A 100% cotton short sleeve unisex tee is included in your race registration.  You can also upgrade to a ladies fit, a long sleeve, or a performance wear shirt for an additional donation.  Click on the arrow in the box marked “Select an Option”.  There you will find an array of choices and where necessary, the additional donation.  Choose what you prefer by clicking on it.  Your choice should then appear in the box.
  16. Next, click the appropriate circle regarding your age.
  17. Next, enter the name of the person to be notified in case of emergency by clicking in the box below Emergency Contact Name and typing it in.
  18. Next enter the phone number of the person to be notified by clicking in the box below Emergency Contact Phone.
  19. Click “Continue”.
  20. In the next window, you are given the option to become a fundraiser for JFCS. You can create your own mini URL and e-mail friends and family to support your participation with a pledge to JFCS. Let’s pretend that you don’t want to be a fundraiser.  You can always change your mind and come back to sign up for it.
  21. Scroll down and click “Continue.”
  22. The next page shows the upgraded shirt options and the hats and visors for sale.  If you selected an upgraded shirt, this is where you choose your size.  You can also decide to purchase a shirt if you did not previously do so.  Hats and visors can be purchased here as well.
  23. Click “Continue”.
  24. Review your information to be sure it is all correct. Double check to be sure your team name is correct, and the shirt type and size are correct.  You can still make changes to your registration by clicking the blue “Edit” button.
  25. You can also add another registrant at this time by clicking on the “Add Another Registrant” box below your information
  26. To the right you will see the Registration Cart. It should reflect your event, your name, the amount to participate, and if you selected an upgraded shirt, the additional donation to JFCS.
  27. If you are a sponsor you will have received a coupon code to cover your registration fee. Click on the box underneath Coupon Code and enter it.  Then click “Apply”.
  28. Review the questions to be sure all information is correct. Read the refund policy and click in the box to agree to it.
  29. Click on “Complete Registration”.
  30. You should now be at the page where you enter your credit card information. Complete each box and click on “Confirm Payment”.

You’re all done!  If necessary, you have 15 minutes to cancel the registration and in order to do so, scroll up to the red button marked “Clear”.  Click on it and your registration will be canceled.