Photos from Virtual Race With A View 2020

The Dressner-Davis family takes a break at the halfway point of their 5+mile run on Saturday, May 2.

Judy Leff and family out moving for mental health awareness on May 3.


Cindy and Jon Gotz moved for mental health awareness with Liz and Mark Sharzer.


The Libby family is representing!  First up is the West Hills crew…

Followed by the El Cerrito Libby crew…


And the San Pedro Libby crew!


Mae Chu ran along the waterfront–Race With A View’s familiar home for the last 5 years–and shot this great view of the lighthouse at Shoreline Park.

Mae also shot this reminder of the unprecedented moment we are all experiencing. 



Team Nomad‘s Dee Abrahamse, Susan Redfield, and Barbara Shoag moving at Domingues Gap for Mental Health Awareness.  Their ace photographer:  Leon Shoag


Katherine McIlquham and Maren Separa (a veteran of many Race With A Views) ran from Signal Hill around the campus at CSULB and back again–a half-marathon move for mental health awareness!


JFCS clinician Monica takes a lunch break with her husband and sons as they move for mental health awareness in the San Bernardino mountains.




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